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Chocolatour at the 2016 Grenada Chocolate Festival: Doreen Pendgracs examining a cacao graft at the Belmont Estate in Grenada.

Doreen Pendgracs is actively seeking media interviews to share the Chocolatour message. Invite Doreen to your show and she can guide your audience or readership on how to:

– taste chocolate like a pro;
– pair chocolate with various libations or different kinds of wine;
– understand the terroir of cocoa and chocolate;
– discover their chocolate personalities;


Being slathered in molten chocolate is just some of the fun you can have on a Chocolatour!

– experience the sensual side of chocolate;

– embark on a chocolate tour and experience the world of chocolate travel.

– develop an appreciation for chocolate tourism and the world of chocolate.

Here are links to a few of Doreen’s media appearances:

⇒ Express Weekly News 020917 pg09 Cross to the dark side this Valentine’s Day is a playful story that focuses on tasting chocolate. Published in the Weekly Express News on February 9, 2017.

⇒ Story about tasting bean-to-bar chocolate in the Winnipeg Free Press, August 31, 2016.

⇒ In-depth online interview with Go Ahead Tours, March, 2016.

⇒ Q&A with Media Kitty, April/16.

⇒ Video filmed by videographer Henrik Bodholdt in Costa Rica during the Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival, at which Doreen was a judge of local artisan chocolate (November, 2014.)


⇒ CTV television interview in which Doreen talks about the world of chocolate travel and chocolate personalities. (September, 2014.)

CTV television interview from September, 2014.

⇒ ⇒Listen to Doreen’s interview with Laurie Hoogstraten on the CBC Radio Weekend Morning Show in February, 2015, about the evolution of chocolate from candy to power food, and the relevance of packaging.

During the February, 2016, interview on the CBC Weekend Morning Show, Doreen guides host Laurie Hoogstraten through the art of tasting chocolate.

⇒Listen to Doreen’s interview with Marlene van Helden, of CJ107FM radio in Manitoba, Canada, regarding her research trip to Ecuador and Peru where she stayed with cocoa growers and participated in the harvest.

Listen to Doreen Exploring the world of chocolate travel on World Foot Prints. (roughly 10-minute interview, March/2016.)