enter the world of chocoMe, chocolate genius from Budapest, Hungary

Chocolatour is about the world of chocolate travel and all that it entails. Not simply about tasting or eating chocolate, but about going to places where chocolate  or cocoa has had an impact on the culture of a country and the lives of its people.


Most of what I write (on this blog, in my books, and in freelance articles) results from experiential travel to the places where the best chocolate of the world is being created and made, where the creative people making the best chocolate live, where cacao is growing, and understanding how terroir affects the flavour of the cocoa and chocolate that is made from it.

That is why when chocolatiers I have met in person or been following online make the leap from using generic couverture to make their chocolate to either becoming full-fledged bean-to-bar chocolate makers or taking the intermediate step of going to cocoa farms, learning and understanding the full process, and ultimately helping to create their own signature recipe for the chocolate that will be used to make their own unique creations … I am thrilled!


Gabor Meszaros enjoyed visiting cacao plantations and learning about all the steps included in processing the cocoa to create his signature blend of chocoMe chocolate.


A photo of the chocoMe 2017 selection that includes the Delice pure chocolate squares, the Entree mixed bars, and the Raffinee square boxes filled with chocolate and nut confections.

chocoMe is a Hungarian brand that features excellent pure dark chocolate squares in addition to a wide range of chocolate confections

This has been the path of Gabor Mészáros founder of chocoMe, the multi-award winning chocolatier based in Budapest, Hungary, who in 2017, developed his own signature Or Noir couverture with the assistance of Cacao Barry’s chocolate lab in Paris to make his brand of Délice chocoMe products. The formula for this 72.2% dark chocolate is created from 44% Peruvian Trinitario cocoa blended with 39% Forastero cocoa from the Santo Domingo region of the Dominican Republic. I really loved the fruity (slightly acidic) notes of this blend of cacao and the creative packaging that houses these delicious chocolate squares.


The chocoMe Entree blond bar with pecans is one of my favourite fun chocolate bars with the perfect blend of Valrhona’s blond chocolate, pecans, and smoked sea salt.

Another thing that chocoMe takes pride in is its Entrée 100-gram chocolate bars that feature dried fruit and/or roasted nuts. I adored the Entrée bar made with 32% blond Valrhona couverture enhanced with caramel powder and bourbon vanilla and topped with roasted pecans flavoured with smoked sea salt. It is a beautiful bronze colour and the perfect blend of sweet and salty.


If you love nuts as I do, you will love the Raffinee collection from chocoMe.

As a nut nut, I also love the Raffinée line-up of nuts covered in delicious cocoa powder. These are far more than the plain milk chocolate covered almonds you may have eaten all your life. chocoMe’s Sicilian almonds are coated with a thin layer of crispy wafer dust and Guérande salty blond Valrhona couverture. They are absolutely delightful! The Raffinée collection also features Piedmont hazelnuts covered in ground Ethiopian Harrar coffee and covered in Valrhona’s milk chocolate couverture. It is no surprise that this particular offering has won chocoMe several international awards.

chocoMe has won 55 international awards (and counting!) for its creativity and top-notch chocolate and chocolate confections. I’ve not yet been to Hungary, but you can bet that Budapest is high on my list as I’d love to tour their chocolate making facility, meet Gabor Mészáros, and thank him on behalf of all chocolate lovers of the world for bringing the flavours of the jungle onto our palates.

Have you been to Budapest or tasted chocoMe chocolate products? If so, please join the conversation and share your impressions. Thanks!



















Doreen Pendgracs

Known throughout the Web as the "Wizard of Words", I've been a freelance writer since 1993. I'm currently researching and writing volume II of "Chocolatour: A Quest for the World's Best Chocolate". Volume I was published in September, 2013.

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  1. Betty Jackson says:

    Wow – We got to taste these wonderful chocolates and I must say they were absolutely the most deliceouse. Almonds covered in chocolate are our favourite treat.

  2. Phoenicia says:

    You have definitely sold these chocolates to me, namely the chocome entree blond bar with pecans! The Raffinee collection is a close second. I am sure the sale of chocolates increase tremendously at this time of year. I can appreciate luxurious chocolates and have found your average milk chocolate tastes rather sweet and is not at all satisfying to my taste buds.

    • So true, Phoenicia. when you eat cheap to average chocolate, you will notice a reduced cocoa flavour and a more intense sweetness. I’d much rather eat a small quantity of quality chocolate than a large quantity of the cheap stuff.

  3. Catarina says:

    Have to admit I have never given a thought to the fact that there is Hungarian cholcolate. It makes perfect sense though since their cakes are famous. And the cafeés in Vienna and Budapest are fantstic.

  4. I hardly ever eat chocolate and you’ve got me drooling just reading about the Valrhona! I’ve never considered going to Hungary, and certainly never related it to chocolate but as I’m learning from you, there is a whole world of chocolate masters out there!

  5. Whoever thought that Hungary would be a hotbed of chocolate making. Every time I read one of your posts about chocolate making, I have a greater appreciation for the hard work and experimentation it must take to develop a unique, and delicious, chocolate.

  6. Budapest is one of my favourite cities. I have very fond memories of it. Now I will have to go back just to taste the chocolate.

  7. Jeri says:

    chocoMe sounds divine. I’m all for the bar with caramel powder and bourbon vanilla. This may be the first time too I can recall seeing the phrase bean-to-bar used.

  8. Rosary says:

    You’ve got me craving for some good quality chocolates now Doreen! Any idea if they sell chocoMe anywhere in Asia? I would love to try some of their chocolates, the ones you mentioned here sounds absolutely delish! I can’t remember the last time I treated myself to some luxury chocolates. Any other brands that you’d recommend?

    • Hi Rosary: Did you check the chocoMe.com website to see if they ship to Asia? I truly don’t know. If you are looking for luxury chocolates that definitely DO ship to Asia, I highly recommend zChocolat. Please hit the home page on my site and you will see the post on zChocolat. The link to the company’s site is in the post, and I know that they deliver worldwide. It is SO worth it! 🙂
      Doreen Pendgracs recently posted…enter the world of chocoMe, chocolate genius from Budapest, HungaryMy Profile

    • ChocoMe IS available in Asia. Go to http://www.chocoMe.com and you will see the many countries in Asia where it is available including China, Indonesia, Singapore. We at FinestImports.us are importing from Hungary and distributing in the United States. It truly is amazing chocolate and it is great to see it recognised around the world.

  9. I love nuts, so the Raffinée looks particularly tasty to me. Every time I read your posts, I’m impressed with the artisans creating these delicious looking treats!

    • That’s why I’m doing this, Rose! My goal is to teach chocolate lovers that there is artistry in chocolate creations, that there are health benefits to eating pure, low sugar chocolate, and that there is reason to travel the world in search of unique chocolate experiences. 🙂

  10. I’m not a “nut nut,” as you so well phrase it, but that Chocome blond bar with nuts sounds heavenly! As alway, I’m drooling for chocolate after reading one of your posts.

  11. Janet May-Hewson says:

    Hi Doreen. I’ve tried the Raffinee Valrhona which was exquisite. I really enjoyed the layers. The inside coating on the macadamia nut was done with blond chocolate and then had the Tonka beans with cocoa powder on the outside. I’m definitely a fan!

  12. I have been to Budapest many times, but I have never had the occasion to try chocoMe. It sounds divine! I always enjoy reading your articles; I learn so much about my favorite confection!

  13. Carmel, vanilla bourbon and chocolate… yummy! I noticed that they deliver to Canada on their website, yes I had to find out if I could order some. 🙂

  14. Oh YUM! The photo of the blonde bar with pecans had me drooling and your other descriptions of the addition of dried fruits and caramel sound tempting, too. It’s not hard to imagine that I’d want to try just about everything in chocoMe. Now both chocoMe as well as Budapest are on my list, Doreen!

  15. Donna Janke says:

    chocoMe chocolate looks and sounds delicious. I don’t think I’d care for the offerings with dried fruit, but with nuts for sure! I love how you find good chocolate in all parts of the world!

  16. Michele says:

    We are heading to Hungary early this year am looking forward to seeking out and trying this chocolate.Thanks for the tip 🙂

  17. I love reading your blog about the different chocolate created in different regions. Must be fascinating and exciting for them to go into a lab, and create chocolate, like a chemist creates a new formula.

  18. Carol Colborn says:

    You should go to Budapest! But you have been writing about gourmet chocolate brands. I wonder what you would say about a cheap chocolate that is a legendary snack in the Philippines called ChocNut!

  19. Karen Warren says:

    I’ve been to Budapest – wonderful food and, surprisingly to me, great beer as well. But I hadn’t thought of it as a place where chocolate was made. A pity I didn’t realise, because that ChocoMe brand looks amazing!

  20. Lucia Glattfelder McQuirk says:

    I just want to declare, Budapest is the most beautiful city in the world:)

  21. Jackie Smith says:

    Okay that blonde bar is the one for me! I can almost imagine biting into it! (Thanks for trying to comment on my post this week; I have no idea what is or was wrong with Blogger!)

  22. I love chocolate too, but I’m vegan and sometimes it’s hard to know with more complex creations if they’re vegan or not. For anyone that’s not quite sure what vegans eat, basically everything needs to be derived from plants without animal input. So for chocolate, dairy is usually the only non-vegan thing. Sometimes honey. Caramel is made from dairy, too.

    I do love nuts and exotic chocolates though. I never thought to travel to learn about chocolate!

  23. Ryazan says:

    Wow! I’ve been to Budapest and how I wish I’ve known this chocolate before I visited the city. I’m glad to know that they are an advocate to look after the cocoa famers and very hands on to make sure that the quality is top notch! 🙂 I will definitely try this when I come to Budapest!

  24. Robert says:

    We got to taste these wonderful chocolates and I must say they were absolutely the most delicious. Budapest is the most beautiful city in the world.

  25. Every time we get to read a blog post of yours we find it to be very informative and engaging. The information that you have given through this post is extremely engaging. Thanks for the insights Doreen.

  26. sanchez says:

    I am actually a chocolate lover, but lately my weight seems to increase more, I’m not sure that consuming too much chocolate does not increase weight. I really like the taste of it. Thank you for sharing

  27. Howard Curle says:

    Thanks for a wonderful visit to your cottage at Matlock. Our family shared your offering of chocoMe Delice carre as a pre-dessert treat at the end of a meal at Rae & Jerry’s restaurant in Winnipeg.
    I asked the group to follow your instruction to savour the chocolate by letting the piece melt on the roof of the mouth. It was a new experience for some who found the melting point a bit high. Still, the treat was enjoyable. Some comments:
    “Sometimes dark chocolate has a bite, but this one didn’t.”
    “Tasty; dry, but not too bitter.”
    “Ratio of sweetness to chocolate good, but texture a bit waxy.”
    “If this were a red wine, dry, but I liked it.”

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