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Those of you who have been reading this blog for the past eight years know that Chocolatour is not just about eating chocolate. It is about experiencing the world of chocolate and cacao through:


Touring cacao farms on the Hawaiian Islands is fascinating. It’s really cool to see the cocoa pods ripening on the cacao trees.

  • visits to cocoa farms and plantations;
  • partaking in chocolate events, attractions, and diversions; and
  • meeting some of the world’s finest and most creative chocolate makers and chocolatiers, seeing the places that inspire them, and of course, tasting their delicious chocolate creations.

This is the setting of the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory where the cocoa is grown and made into chocolate all on the same site. We will visit them on our tour.

I have been able to combine all of these elements in the upcoming Chocolatour to the Hawaiian Islands in partnership with Go Ahead Tours, an expert in small group niche tours. What’s really special, is that this customized chocolate travel journey will take place during Valentine Week, 2018.


Imagine having an incredible chocolate journey during Valentine Week! It’s sure to be a sweet experience.

You, me, and no more than 15 other chocolate and cacao lovers who want to share some chocolate love in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

The tour will take place from February 10 to 18, and you will have me every step of the way to explain all things you’d ever want to know about growing cacao in Hawaii, and making chocolate from some of the finest cocoa beans in the world. We will visit a cacao and coffee plantation on the island of Oahu, and a smaller cocoa farm on the Big Island of Hawaii.


The cocoa-dusted Macadamia nuts from Big Island Candies in Hawaii are one of my favourite chocolate treats. I can’t wait to taste  them again! Perhaps we’ll get to see them being made during our tour visit.

We will meet three small chocolate makers and tour a larger factory near Hilo that makes some of the best uniquely-Hawaiian chocolate confections you’ll ever enjoy. And we’ll be treated to a Sacred Cacao Ceremony by a local cacao enthusiast, farmer and chocolate maker who will take us inside the mystical world of cacao. I’ve included more details about this amazing opportunity in this post right here on my site.


We enjoyed the sacred Mayan cacao ceremony at the CHOCO-story museum in Uxmal, Mexico that paid tribute to cacao. I’m looking forward to the Hawaiian version on our trip!

Please follow this link to the Go Ahead Tours site where you can discover logistics of the tour and speak to a booking agent. We’ve included some free time for relaxing, beaching, shopping, or touring to your specific interests. It should be fun!

If you book by July 30th, your name will be entered into a draw for some of the fabulous chocolate donated by members of the “World’s 10 Best Chocolate Shops” I listed on the National Geographic Traveler site.


SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier has graciously donated three of its chocolate bars for the git basket we’ll be giving away to one of our early registrations for the Chocolatour to Hawaii.

That will be enough chocolate to see you through until we head to Hawaii, where we will be able to taste, experience, and purchase the finest Hawaiian-made chocolate to bring home with us.

Because Go Ahead Tours takes bookings from all over the world, that means you can book your own airfare and just meet us there. Or Go Ahead will handle every last detail for you and make it as easy as dialling 1-800-742-1731.

I feel very fortunate to be your host for this amazing tour and hope you will join me in a celebration of Hawaiian chocolate next February. It won’t be the same without you. Let’s get lei’d!