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top 5 things you should know about Trinidad

In my previous post, I mentioned that I recently visited Trinidad for the World Chocolate and Cocoa Day Expo. But it occurred to me that many people don’t have a clear understanding of exactly...

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Celebrating International Chocolate Day

Yes, there are many days of the year devoted to chocolate and cacao. September 13th happens to be one of my favourites, as that is the day we celebrate International Chocolate Day. International chocolate...

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a quick tour of Calgary, Alberta

In recent posts, I’ve shared with you about the amazing writers’ events I’ve attended in Calgary and the great chocolate I’ve found in this dynamic Canadian city. Calgary is also home to the 2019...

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Strengthening Our Writing Community

I had the pleasure of attending the When Words Collide festival for readers and writers (WWC) last week in Calgary at the Delta Calgary South. This is Canada’s premier event for authors, as 750...


Celebrating Milk Chocolate

July 28 is Milk Chocolate Day! We have the Swiss to thank for inventing milk chocolate as it was Daniel Peter, a resident of Vevey, Switzerland, who is first credited with adding milk to...

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celebrating World Chocolate Day

this post celebrates World Chocolate Day and encourages chocolate lovers to engage in chocolate travel in order to travel to the places where cacao is grown and fresh chocolate is made.

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why people are moving to costa rica

I’m a member of International Living, an organization that focuses on providing information to people who may wish to retire in a different country. They’ve been paying a lot of attention lately to Costa...