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Chocolatour's Doreen Pendgracs on her quest for the world’s best chocolate 61

celebrating World Chocolate Day

this post celebrates World Chocolate Day and encourages chocolate lovers to engage in chocolate travel in order to travel to the places where cacao is grown and fresh chocolate is made.

No wonder I love turtles so much! 35

no wonder I love turtles so much!

I’ve recently learned that May 23rd is “World Turtle Day!” That explains why I have an obsession with chocolate turtles. No matter which chocolate maker, chocolatier or confectioner I visit, if they make chocolate...

Celebrating Manitoba Day in Canada on May 12th 43

celebrating Manitoba Day

This blog often takes us to exotic locales in search of chocolate and other delectables. But in this post, I’d like to salute my own home turf in honour of Manitoba Day. I was...


it’s all about Margaret

Today is Mother’s Day. If you can be with your mother, give her a big hug. If you can’t be with her due to distance and/or COVID-19, get in touch with her by phone...

flights-to-cancun 60

exploring Cancun

exploring sites around Cancun is intriguing I’m thrilled to have recently re-discovered the wonders of Mexico, spending time over the past few years on the Pacific coast, the Yucatan/Gulf of Mexico, and the interior...