Plan a chocolate event

Let me plan or help plan your chocolate event!

It could be a guided chocolate tasting event in which we focus strictly on tasting a number of unique chocolate varieties paired with a neutral beverage like water. It could be an extravagant chocolate and wine pairing, or a chocolate pairing with any libation of your choice.

I can find the right chocolate to pair with your choice of wine, or help find the right wine or beverage to pair with a chocolate to suit your likes and budget.


I can create an inviting welcome table for your event with chocolate props from around the world, my award-winning book on the world of fine chocolate, and the wines or libations that will best pair with the chocolate we select for the event.



Chocolate and wine pairing events are fun, informative, and taste tempting.

Pictured above is a member of the BMO team who helped host the wine and chocolate tasting event we did for their special clients in Winnipeg featuring Original Beans Chocolate.


themed chocolate tasting events

I can create any theme you like for your own event. Want to have a Mexican theme? Then we could pair different chocolates with Tequila, Mezcal, or Raicilla.


Raicilla is a liquor that is similar to Tequila and can be paired nicely with chocolate.

Chocolate can be very nicely paired with pretty much any beverage. Chocolate pairings with beer? You bet! There are many different varieties of beer that pair well with chocolate.

Would you like to have different chocolates paired with a series of specially selected wines to match your budget? I can help you with that, too.

Cocoa nibs are a featured ingredient in the gazpacho soup we featured at a chocolate dinner at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg.

Cocoa nibs are a featured ingredient in the gazpacho soup we enjoyed at a chocolate dinner at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg.

I have also helped plan menus for a series of chocolate-focused dinners, in which the chef features either the sweet side of chocolate or the savoury side of cocoa. I am happy to help coordinate such dinners and to serve as the keynote speaker/host for the event, at which I can share interesting tidbits about the world of cacao and fine chocolate with your audience.

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