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In 2016, I had the pleasure of being invited on a Swiss chocolate tour with Alpenwild, specialists in Swiss travel tours. Alpenwild is one of the few companies that actually offers chocolate tours as part of their repertoire–partly due to the fact that owners Elain and Greg Witt are chocolate lovers themselves, and truly immersed in the culinary delights of Switzerland. Alpenwild is a family-run company offering customized tours of their favourite country, and I highly recommend the personalized service you will get from their team.


Elain and Greg Witt of Alpenwild are experts in Swiss Travel Tours.

swiss chocolate travel at its finest

You may have already read the posts I’ve written about Gruyères and Montreux. Vevey was our next stop in the Montreux Riviera, and a delightful place where nostalgia and contemporary culture meet. For the chocolate lover, a visit to Läderach chocolatier suisse is a must. Läderach makes truly fine milk chocolate in the Swiss tradition as well as more contemporary chocolate that is pure and dark, but silky smooth as only the Swiss can do.


These are some of the incredible chocolate creations you will find at Laderach chocolatier suisse in Vevey. My favourite are the Brazil 70% chocolate truffles pictured in the lower left, and made from Brazilian-grown cocoa beans. I also loved the Three Brothers  clusters featuring three caramelized hazelnuts and Piedmont Gianduja enrobed in milk chocolate.

In addition to the chocolate creations made by Läderach that you can find in their many shops in 23 Swiss locations including two shops in Vevey, Läderach provides the couverture and markets exquisite artisanal chocolates made by Blaise Poyet, a highly regarded Swiss chocolatier. I sampled the Poyet chocolates and loved them all. What’s really cool is that Poyet will create a personalized chocolate for anyone based on three of their personal characteristics. Wouldn’t that be fun?


It was a lot of fun hanging out in the Laderach kitchen and tasting exquisite chocolate as well as making some!

I had the opportunity to create a handcrafted personalized chocolate bar made of Poyet chocolate topped with caramelized nuts in the Läderach kitchen. So much fun! Läderach offers teambuilding workshops in their chocolate kitchen where small groups can try their hand at becoming chocolatiers!


One of the most unique location-specific chocolate creations you’ll find at the Läderach shops in Vevey are the chocolate “Charlie’s Shoes.” These mirror the creased shoes that 20th century film star Charlie Chaplin was famous for wearing. They’re really cute, and are sold in a movie reel case that make a great souvenir from your visit to Vevey. The recipe for the tasty chocolate was made in consultation with the Chaplin family and features the caramel nougat chips that Chaplin loved.

Charlie Chaplin loved Vevey and lived there from 1952 until his death in 1977. There is now a museum in Chaplin’s former home that I hear is very worthwhile. Hopefully, I will get there on my next visit to the region.


This replica of film star Charlie Chaplin is located on the shores of Lake Geneva in Vevey.


This building is the former Nestle chocolate factory and is now a food museum called the Alimentarium. It contains fascinating interactive exhibits and offers a lovely coffee shop where you can enjoy great views of Lake Geneva.

I loved walking along the shores of Lake Geneva. There is a rose garden and statue dedicated to Charlie Chaplin on the lakeshore. We visited the Alimentarium, a food museum located in the original Nestlé chocolate factory. You can be sure the museum contained lots of chocolate and cocoa memorabilia. But I think my favourite part of my time in Vevey (apart from all the great chocolate!) was the time we spent exploring the lakeshore. There is an amusement park with a gorgeous 1926 carousel, some eye-catching sculptures in the water, an abundance of swans and birds, and a lovely nostalgic feeling that makes you want to slow down and take it all in.


This nostalgic carousel in Vevey really transported me back in time.

I hope you get the opportunity to explore Vevey and the Montreux Riviera on a Swiss chocolate tour. It has become my favourite part of Switzerland, offering taste-tempting chocolate creations, intriguing history, and the kind of eye candy that makes a trip most memorable.

Doreen Pendgracs

Known throughout the Web as the "Wizard of Words", I've been a freelance writer since 1993. I'm currently researching and writing volume II of "Chocolatour: A Quest for the World's Best Chocolate". Volume I was published in September, 2013.

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  1. Priya Vin says:

    We drove through this area one summer on our Alps road trip. Wish I had read the article before and stopped by for some chocolates ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It is surprising that more local Swiss tour companies do not have chocolate-making enterprises as part of their itineraries. This one sounds great. Good going Alpenwild!

  3. Sue Reddel says:

    What a marvelous chocolate adventure. I absolutely love the idea of creating a personalized chocolate.
    Sue Reddel recently posted…Bring A Little Joy With Fannie MayMy Profile

  4. You look completely in your element! Wonder if you’ll become a chocolate-maker in your next life:-)

  5. I wish I had spent more time exploring the “chocolate” side of Vevey when I was there last summer. I would love ALL the chocolates you tried. They looked delicious!

  6. I love the idea of personalised chocolate based on your personality… but can they do grumpy old woman ๐Ÿ™‚
    Karen Warren recently posted…What Bloggers Can Expect at TBEX International in JerusalemMy Profile

  7. Making your own custom chocolate bar sounds like so much fun. I’ve traveled in the area, but have never been to the Vevey lakefront. Adding it to my travel wish list.

  8. Sushmita says:

    Sitting with my chocolate dosage when reading your post has become a ritual ๐Ÿ™‚
    You look so sweet with your Chef’s hat on ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Sushmita recently posted…Personal Branding Tips for Introverts you need to know!My Profile

  9. True Swiss milk chocolate is the only mc I like. Sounds like you found another lovely place to try the chocolate–I love the idea of making one based on my personality traits. What a fun idea. And Charlie? That’d be a great souvenier to cart home.
    RoseMary Griffith recently posted…Haleakala National Park and Rainbows, MauiMy Profile

  10. Switzerland is so wonderful. The attractions there are great, and not jus the chocolate. I never knew Charlie Chaplin lived there for so long.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    William Rusho recently posted…Surviving A Long Winter in Medieval EuropeMy Profile

    • You’re welcome, William, and thanks for visiting us here again. Yes, Mr. Chaplin was born in London, lived his early life as an actor in the USA, and later, was sent packing when someone determined he was a communist sympathizer (according to a report I read.) He then found solace and much happiness in Switzerland.
      Doreen Pendgracs recently posted…Swiss chocolate travel to VeveyMy Profile

  11. Rosary says:

    What a lovely post! I hope one day I can visit Switzerland. I love chocolates and those chocolate creations look absolutely too good to eat!

    • Hi Rosary. Switzerland is a country that has so much to offer. It is not tropical, but it has a nice temperate climate, much natural beauty and is of special interest to those who love lakes, alpine environs, and chocolate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. How did I miss doing a chocolate tour when I was in that area! I’m sitting here thinking about what my personalised chocolate would taste like…whata great idea! A great reason to go back!
    Jenny Freedman recently posted…Our 16 Highlights of 2016My Profile

  13. Patti says:

    I think you chose the most delicious genre for your travels, exploring and experiencing the world of chocolate. What’s not to love. We were in Geneva in 2015 but unfortunately it was just a 1 night stay, after being in Europe for 3 months we flew home out of Geneva. Definitely would love to return and explore the city – and eat chocolate!

  14. Tatia S. says:

    Thanks for this post Doreen. Once again, your photos of the chocolates are mouthwatering! I’m a fan of milk chocolate, so it’s nice to learn of another European brand.

  15. I am such a huge chocolate fan. Just when I think I know enough, you teach me about something else. Thank you!
    Suzanne Stavert recently posted…A Bullet Journal Adventure- What is that?My Profile

  16. I love reading about your travels and the photos are always great. I get to travel with you through these posts. Thanks for taking us along on your journeys.
    Cheryl Therrien recently posted…12 Simple Ways To Secure Your Home From BurglaryMy Profile

  17. Jeri says:

    The Alpenwild tour sounds fabulous. Have I mentioned lately that your life’s calling is definitely up there on the coolness factor?
    Jeri recently posted…#EditTip: Narrative Distance and Filter WordsMy Profile

  18. Jen Monks says:

    Oh, my goodness. You made me crave chocolate and travel at the same time. I have never been to Switzerland, but now I must go, if only for the candy. The scenery looks amazing too!

    • Hi Jen, and welcome to Chocolatour! That’s exactly what we’re about. Marrying the idea of traveling with chocolate (and cacao) in mind. But not chocolate candy! Healthy chocolate that contains only the purest ingredients that are actually GOOD for your body, vs all the additives you will find in a chocolate candy bar. I hope you’ll subscribe to the site so that you can embark on this delicious eternal journey of learning and exploration with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Sounds wonderful Doreen, and the photos of you are fantastic!!

  20. Linda says:

    You look extraordinary in a toque and apron! Interesting about Charlie Chaplin connection. And Nestle, this post made me wonder if Nestle still exists or did it get swallowed by corporate giants?
    Linda recently posted…Guest Post: Film Review โ€“ Jackie (2016)My Profile

    • Hi Linda and Happy New Year! Nestle still exists on the international front. But in Switzerland, it was bailed our of financial debt by Swiss chocolate giant Cailler (based n Broc.) If you haven’t read it, you may wish to hit the home button and find the post on Cailler on my site. Cheers and thx for stopping by.

  21. Phoenicia says:

    You look right at home with your chef’s hat and apron!

    Those chocolates look amazing. I have a thing for selection chocolates which come in different shapes and sizes. It makes eating them all the more exciting.

    It looks as though you went on a wonderful adventure. I have never been to Switzerland but I have travelled to its neighbour; Austria. I do recall the chocolate tasting rather delicious.

    • Hi Phoenicia. Yes, Austria has some great chocolate. Zotter and its subsidiary brands are wonderful. And yes, it’s really interesting when chocolates come in different shapes and sizes. The Laderach chocolates are a perfect example of that. Thx for stopping by.

  22. Well, you definitely make me want to return to Switzerland! I love the Charlie Chaplin shoes and would really like to visit that museum. Seeing the beautiful photos you always include highlights what true artisans these chocolatiers are. Inspiring as always. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Marquita Herald recently posted…Beyond Uncertainty Lies a World of PossibilitiesMy Profile

  23. Vevey and the Montreux Riviera looks like a wonderful place to explore. It’s cool that a former Nestle factory is now a food museum. And it would be such fun to make one’s own handcrafted chocolate bar.

  24. Oh how I love Swiss milk chocolate! That Lรคderach batch looks divine. Would love to sample some. On another note, I also love the look of that carousel! I invite you to submit your image to my Photo Gallery at

  25. Wow, what a wonderful experience all around for you. Chocolate eating and sampling aside, this is the kind of trip I would love to take some day.
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Slow Cooker Beef Stew: #RecipeMy Profile

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